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How We Serve You

Are you frustrated by trying to lose weight on your own and not seeing results?

Have you lost weight in the past only to gain it back... and maybe even more ?

Women’s wellness weight management offers you a permanent solution to these frustrations and disappointments.

Everything we do is tailored to your needs. Everyone is unique, and so is your weight-loss journey. We are here to walk with you hand-in-hand, to support you, and encourage you, and give you the tools for success. Working together, permanent weight loss, improved health, increased energy, and restored control is not only possible it’s likely.

What makes the program at Women’s Wellness Weight Management unique is our ability to work with you individually, addressing your specific medical needs, and build something that you can use for the rest of your life.


Personalized, one-on-one interaction

A medical review of all your health issues

An individualized plan for weight loss success

A comprehensive approach including nutrition plans, exercise instruction, stress management, medications, vitamins, supplements, and more!

Weekly sessions for 3 months with Dr.Eaker and a program coordinator, change program coordinator to registered dietician

A full year of follow up

Access to a private Facebook page exclusive to Women’s Wellness Weight Management

An exclusive members only website with videos, articles, resources, and support tools

A variety of affordable payment options to meet any budget

Our guarantee that we will do what it takes to support you and see your weight loss be a tool for transformation

A variety of affordable payment options to meet any budget if your insurance doesn't cover the program 

If you are struggling and feel like everything you’ve tried hasn't worked, Women’s Wellness Weight Management is the right choice for you. Call today for your free consultation and find out how you can be successful at permanent weight loss.”

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